Welcome to TRU HAUS

What is TRU HAUS, you ask?

Photo by: Frank Truglio

Photo by: Frank Truglio

Pronounced TRUE HOUSE, TRU is short for Truglio, (my last name) but also means truth and HAUS means house in German, and the idea that you are your own home.

About Me:

I  grew up in Woodbury, Long Island and now live in New York City with my husband, Frank. It took me some time to figure out my passion and it wasn’t until I moved to NYC 3 years ago that I discovered it. NYC truly is the city that NEVER sleeps, always drinks, eats (anything & everything at any time), and either sleeps all day or not at all.

I got caught up in this vicious cycle which lead me to reevaluate my habits, priorities and life goals.

Through many sleepless nights, too much money spent and lots of "just one more drink" I learned a lot about myself. Mainly that my hangovers weren't like everyone else's. What I was feeling wasn't just the result of overdoing it. There was this pit in my stomach of regret, guilt, emptiness and the thought that there must be more. More to what, I didn't know but the partying felt unproductive and unfulfilling.

I wanted to find my purpose, to engage in activities with people (more on that later. TOXIC people have to go!) that actually made me feel good, mentally, spiritually and physically.

So, I made a commitment to myself and enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to pursue my interest for holistic, naturopathic health. Don't get me wrong, some of my best memories are from my party days, I look back and think, "HOLY S*HT" (with the biggest smile on my face). 

I am a total work in progress. Daily, I work on finding balance in all areas of my life, not succumbing to pressures, defining my values and the ridding of all toxic things.

I look forward to sharing my journey and helping you on yours.

Stay Tru,



Gabriella Truglio